What we do – for you

Of course, we do the obvious

Naturally we carry out all the activities you’d expect of a PR consultancy, including;

  • Announcements: your company news, customer wins/results, people hires
  • Customers: case studies and testimonials
  • Interviews: across media, analyst and blogger community: 1:1 buddy programme, features, news and event driven
  • Features: proactive and reactive approach across all target media
  • White papers and studies
  • Disruptive surveys
  • Social media: blog posts, twitter feeds, Facebook posts and LinkedIn group content

But it’s how we feed the engine that marks the difference; we do not start by selecting the tools and activities listed above then blindly work backwards trying to create stories to fit the medium.

Instead, we focus first on audience – who they are, what they are about and which channels they are engaged with. That ensures we deliver lean, highly targeted campaigns that reach the right people, with the right content and via the right channels.

A three tiered PR approach

All our campaigns start with content that is designed to resonate with a specific audience, but which is also shaped to work perfectly and consistently across the most appropriate communication channels.

More often than not, that content, and the PR campaign activity it underpins, breaks down across three interdependent tiers:

What you stand for

We’ll identify and clarify your brand positioning – draw out key themes and then design content and activities to exemplify and communicate them.

What you think

We use thought leadership activities and content to add weight to the proposition and positioning themes we communicate – using and promoting white papers, research, opinion pieces, comment and speaking opportunities.

What you do

But we also need to ground those first two layers in day to day reality – action, after all, speaks louder than words. This is all about press office and news generation – company news and announcements along with features are the bread and butter, but all tied back to brand and thought leadership themes and content.

Accountable PR

Who you see is who you get

The principle partners don’t just turn up for special occasions like your pitch or to beg you to stay when you decide to move on.

We all play central roles in the part that really matters – designing and delivering PR campaigns that get results.

Agreed deliverables

At the point of proposal we will agree with you a schedule of activity, detailing anticipated results. But we don’t over-promise. We’ll give you a realistic view based on years of experience – though our aim is always to over-deliver.


We’ll design reporting according to your needs, not ours. However, for retained clients we typically provide:

Weekly reporting: –
A conference call at a time to suit you – review of imminent activities, highlights & campaign tracker

Monthly reporting: –

  • Real-time campaign tracker – across all disciplines
  • Tracking of all coverage via press cutting service
  • Time management tracker
  • Monthly ‘Highlights’ summary email